Sending SMS Online Is Easy

If you have heard about sending SMS messages online, you might be thinking that it is only for businesses. However, I have recently discovered how easy it is to send SMS online for personal reasons. You see, I planned on simplifying bills and I wanted to get rid of my cell phone. I had gotten rid of the car, and that was my next step. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to call or text anyone out of state. I still had a phone in my condo, but I wasn’t able to call long distance. Of course, people were still able to call me. But my mom and my sister and I used to text a lot, so I wanted to be able to text them. On a whim, I decided to see if I could find a way to send sms online to them from my computer. I had remembered that a person I knew had texted his mother from the computer at school using his email. I was thinking that was going to be what I ran across, but instead it was a different way to send SMS online. There were sites that allowed you to do it for free, and then there were sites that charged you to be able to send the messages. I decided to try out one of the ones that I found that allowed you to send the SMS messages for free. It was actually a really easy way to send the messages because you only had to input the number, the message, your email address and the carrier. They need the carrier to be able to send the message, and you give your email address so that you can get a reply. The only other thing you have to do is to input the captcha so that you’re able to verify you’re an actual person sending the message.