Promap: Digital floor plans and maps

<p>Maps are one of the most vital parts of the planning applications. Some of the most common causes behind the rejection of the applications by local authorities are inaccurate or outdated maps. Maps shall be built on the data obtained from current Ordnance Survey Maps. It does not matter how big or small in size, your proposed development is going to be, as all applications require a map germane to the proposed development. The map is the most fundamental requirement for your submission, at least, to be considered. Whenever you need to start a new property, development or extension of an existing building in the UK, you must submit an application to the local authority for the cause. Along with that application, a well-defined planning application map must be attached in order to make the case more considerable. If a comprehensive map covering the location or site in a best possible way is missing, there is quite an obvious chance that your application gets delayed or in some cases, even denied.Before creating a planning application map, you should have a list of all the mandatory items to be covered off. This will make sure that no important aspect of the proposal is left out and your application goes smoothly through the procedure. Site location plans and block plans must be thoroughly sought out in the process of establishing maps. ProMap has the requisite expertise in planning application maps. You can proceed to for further information.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>