Traveling to China

So 517 can mean ‘I want a wife’; as the number 5 sounds like ‘I’ and the number 1 sounds like ‘want’514, on the other hand, would not be popular, as the number 4 sounds like the word ‘death’, and the number could imply ‘I want to die’It depends on whether the person is interpreting it from Mandarin or one of the several Chinese dialectsIn addition to sound, numbers can also be interpreted from other anglesThis is because the number 1 — when positioned in tens — sounds like ‘definite’The number 18, which is pronounced as shiba in Mandarin, becomes ‘definitely prosperous’On the other hand, some may see 18 as ’1 plus 8′, which adds up to the lucky number 9This is because, as we mentioned earlier, it sounds like death in Mandarin and several dialectsThe digit 1 when positioned in tens sounds like the word ‘definite’ (shi) in Mandarin and dialects such as Cantonese; while the digit 3 sounds like life, living or birthAs a result, the number 13, which is pronounced as shisan in Mandarin, can mean ‘definitely vibrant’ or ‘assured growth’The American wholesale electronics company gave the news about their plansThey want to find a local business partner in China for the Chinese marketThe company is one of the biggest wholesale electronics suppliersIts business can cover the mobile intelligent products and the relevant services, the personal and family technological products and the power supply deviceIt created the electronic convenience store as the business mode in AmericaAt the present, there are 4675 outlets in the United States and Mexico.  This post has some great info on the best china travel apps.