Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

Inspired from the fact that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, “Craft on 14” focuses on healthy and balanced diet for breakfast and lunches. Studies show that eating breakfast improves memory, mood, and concentration level, makes us happier and lower stress levels. The breakfast menu at the café consists of breakfast sandwiches including eggs, eggs & cheese, eggs & meat, burritos. Different breakfast platters having variety of omelets like veggie, Greek, western, meat and cheese omelets along with coffee selection and sidelines including pancakes, toasts, sausages and breads.craft 14 restaurant

The customers at the launch enjoyed and really loved the food quality and quantity. The lunch menu includes different burgers, variety of wraps and sandwiches, main platters, salads, rice and vegetable dishes. One of the customer who went for breakfast suggests, “Perfect place for breakfast or lunch. Went in the other day on my way to work. Got a meat & cheese omelet made into a skillet with potatoes. So good and very filling. The order was out in a timely fashion, so it made a great quick stop.  The coffee was great and worth a try for sure. Had my lunch delivered today too. Got the street tacos. The flavor was amazing and the amount was perfect. I got the Cole slaw which very good, subbed for fries. The free delivery was the icing on the cake.”

Basically, what this café offers is a quick stop for breakfast and lunch in your daily busy routine. The food here is 100% fresh and healthy that sets a new bar among the locales. In addition, craft 14 also provides free home and office delivery which makes it easier for the working men and women to order and just enjoy the meal at doorstep.