Slipped disc and Chiropractic care in Towcester

Slipped Disc medically known as herniated disc, protruded disc, prolapsed disc, extruded disc or fragmented disc is a health condition that has haunted sufferers for centuries. Traditionally, most sufferers get prescription medication, injections, and even surgery. Some seek treatment from chiropractors chiropractor towcester or health care practitioners. Chiropractic have much to offer a slipped disc patient. There are numerous benefits one can get when visiting a chiropractor. improved ROM, functioning, reduced tension on the nerves, thus relieving pressure on the disc and resulting in less discomfort/pain. Prevent unnecessary surgery and medications by calling your local Chiropractor today and get a care plan specifically designed for your needs. This will include; chiropractic adjustments, postural education, ergonmic and lifestyle advice, as well as soft tissue/massage techniques. Stretching/strengthening exercises can prevent problems returning.Article Source: Source: