New Year, New Hair!

The New Year has already started and your social media must be full of “New Year, New Me” claims from friends who are planning for cleansing, hair care and fancy workout routines. What is it about a new year that prompts us to be a little bit bolder and try a little bit harder to be a better version of ourselves? For women, hair is one of the important factors that everyone notices. If you’re ready for a change but are slightly scared of hating it, don’t worry. The easiest way to get a New You is to change up your style routine. I promise you, it’s as easy as a few new styling products and some small changes in your morning routine.

This year’s texture is all about effortless, undone, tousled hair. To help achieve this look for Karekare Hair Tonic, shampoo and conditioner by Triumph & Disaster. If you have natural texture, spritz the sea salt spray and let it work it’s magic. If you have no natural texture, I recommend loosely wrapping a few sections of hair around a wand or curling iron. Few being the key word so it looks natural not styled. Have you been coloring your hair the same color for years? It’s time for a change. Demi Permanent color is an easy way to make a change to your color routine without making a major commitment. You’re ready for a big, bold change. No kiddie pool test drive for you. You, my friend, are ready to dive right on in and make a big splash. Call your stylist to make sure that their shears are sharpened because you’re ready for a major chop. Making any change, no matter how small, is a big deal. It can be scary to go past your comfort zone, especially when it comes to our hair. There’s something about new hair that changes us, and it’s so freeing. Whether you make a small change or you change everything about your hair, do it boldly and let that feeling permeate throughout your life. Let that new hair take you to new places. For more natural hair products, visit!