Lindsey Graham is trying to avoid a runoff

As per the 92 news live stream online is that Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is trying to avoid a runoff which is very likely. Just before the primary the GOP senator spent his time in a upstate that has a lot of voters while campaigning on a bus tour. A poll that was conducted recently showed Graham with almost 50 percent of what is needed to avoid a runoff. In his latest ad that is playing nationwide he said that he is that conservative that you can always count on.  South Carolina was among five other states that held the primaries on Tuesday. Other states include: Maine and Nevada. As per the 92 news free stream on the internet is that a poll was conducted recently and showed that Lindsey Graham had 49 percent support while senator Lee Bright had 9 percent support. 35 percent of those interviewed said that they were not yet decided while the other five who are challenging Graham were on one digit percent.  His political life has not been a smooth ride according to those that hdstreamlive online since he has been censure by many local organizations. He is not a favorite for many grassroot conservatives and tea party activists in South Carolina. In his campaign Graham said that his mission is to oppose the Obamacare, standing for the military as well as building the Keystone pipeline and looking for answers in the Benghazi attack that killed Americans in Libya including Ambassador Christopher Steven.