Croatia Salon Snobs

These Croatian salon snobs gave in to the nihilist stream of decadence as soon as they left their cradles behind. They will always blame their own mistakes on someone else. They even want to be the masters of history, and to cut it and tailor it to the desires of their masters. But it’s all for naught, because doesn’t belong to any single person, but to the judge that cannot be bribed, time itself. They will label one war crime as genocide (and they will be right to do so, because the crime committed by the Ustashas in the Jasenovac concentration camp was horrible), but they will label the other war crime as justified… “By the sheer number of civilian victims   and an imprisoned and unarmed soldier is also a civilian victim   the Bleiburg case and the “Passion” are a typical example of Partisan and Communist repression and crime, i.e. the “confrontation with the enemy of the people” in Yugoslavia and Croatia in particular, at the end of World War II and during the early post war period” said Vladimir Geiger, a historian. He explained that the numerous books and studies written on the Bleiburg case estimate the number of victims at around 200 to 250 thousand Ustashas, regular soldiers and civilians of the Independent State of Croatia killed in action or murdered after being imprisoned. Ther are many things to do in Croatia