Minimum Capital Required to Start Trading ES




E-minis are relatively cheap, not susceptible to sudden market fluctuations, offers promising returns not to mention it is volatile and liquid just the way we want it. But before you start trading e-minis, we need to know the minimum capital required.


E-mini futures are financial instruments created by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) due to the alarming rate of discouraged investors trading the then pricey S&P 500 futures contracts. E-minis are 1/5 the size of S&P futures contracts and are traded electronically. CME did it to allow small time investors to conveniently speculate and make money in the market using a small capital. Learn more about E-minis by visiting


You need at least $2,000 capital to start trading futures compared to stocks wherein you must have $30,000 at the very least.