Best Place to Live in SA for Budget-Conscious Retirees



The diversity of culture and otherworldly geographical features turned South America into a popular retiring haven. However, not all places there are budget-friendly. If you’re soon to retire and doesn’t want to live in a place you believe could drain your pension, read this.


Cutting to the chase; Medellin is the best place to live in South America according to seasoned traveler and pro trader Marcello Arrambide. He said, “One of the best cities to live in South America, Medellin, has an incredible amount of civic pride and will leave you astounded by clean streets and nothing but gracious people… Cost of living is still relatively low and there is perfect weather year round.” Visit for additional tips on living in South America.


Rejoice soon-to-be-retiree! There is a place where you can live comfortably yet affordably in SA.