A little word of caution before you surf to Code Fibo homepage

As you might already know, Code Fibo (codefibo.com) is about binary options. As a full time trader myself, I cannot find any way to make serious money with binary options trading. In fact, based on my bad experience with several binary brokers, I can tell that binary options scheme is just another way for small or shady offshore companies to increase their profit by cheating on others. As you might already know, if your prediction is correct in binary options trading, then you will gain 85% profit. Suppose you choose to invest $100, then if your prediction is correct, then you will earn $185. Yes, the binary broker will pay you extra $85. However, if your guessing is wrong, then the binary broker can take away all your $100. Also, unlike forex trading, you cannot close the position anytime you wish. You trade against the time, let say one hour, so you cannot close the position is less than one hour. This is in contract to forex trading, where you can close the position anytime soon. Alternative to binary optionsWhile this type of trading could be a great alternative to forex or stock market, it is recommended that you stay away from binary options trading for a while. Alternatively, you can check out the Forex Mentor Pro program. This is actually about learning trading itself, and not some kind of crappy auto trading app. Forex Mentor Pro is a real, legit program which is sold at Clickbank, so there is 60 day money back guarantee, so questions asked there.