Name badges with elegance and allure

Displaying your name is sometimes a requirement while it is necessity most of the time. It is not necessary that only your own name is important for the others; the name can be the name of your firm, your agency, your shop, your pet or any business that you have initiated. Best Name Badges is one of the companies, which provide you an elegant way to display your name. It can be your own name which needs to be displayed during your working hours; or the name of your workers working in your organization. Best Name Badges fully satisfies your needs.

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The other features which make the products better than the others are noticeable. Pro badges have full color crystal print, with customized colors, shapes and sizes. Engraved name tags are made using the state of the art laser technology. Oval frame is the newest advancement in these tags. Reusable name badges have eight different designs. You are also provided with an option to choose ink-jet or laser printing. Photo ID badges have high definition colored pictures. Desk name plates have a variety of designs. You can select a name plate either in aluminium or in wood. Lanyards also offers you customization with turnaround time of twenty four hours. They have 7 sizes and shapes available to choose from. Their standard backing plate options include brushed aluminum silver, brushed aluminum gold, and white. They are also happy to create custom colors upon request. Customizing your badges can be done in seconds. The sheets are the size of a standard piece of paper and work with virtually any Inkjet Printer, Laser Printer, or Copier. If your printer is a color printer, then you can print in full color on the insert. Best Name Badges’ patented insert sheets are even fully reloadable. This means you don’t have to print the entire sheet at once. Print as few as 1 insert at a time. The badge is ready to come together. Place the shatterproof lens cover over the insert and snap to the plate. You now have a professional, permanent looking, yet fully reusable, name badge. Most of their customers prefer Best Name Badges’ magnetic 3-disc super grip fastener. It won’t damage your clothing and won’t let go of the badge either.

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