Allergy testing services in Franklin

Living in the United States of America, you may become a prey to a number of allergies. It may be allergy shots, drug allergy or environmental.  Most of the people also face food allergy which is even more disturbing that most of the insect allergies. It is also noted that these allergies are investigated through Nucala, patch testing and pulmonary function tests. Allergy partners are serving to eradicate all kinds of allergies from all the regions of United States.

In 1977, J. Spencer Atwater, Jr., M.D. made the decision to establish his medical practice in Asheville, North Carolina, specializing in the practice of allergy, asthma, and immunology. Dr. Atwater, who is board certified in both pediatrics and allergy and immunology, developed an outstanding reputation throughout the region for delivering high quality professional medical care. In 1987, David A. Brown, M.D. joined the practice to help fill the area’s growing need for high quality medical care. Dr. Brown, who is also board certified in both pediatrics and allergy and immunology, proved to be a great addition to the practice providing the additional medical resources needed to further expand the practice into neighboring communities in Western North Carolina.

Middle Tennessee office is headed by Dan S. Sanders and Jennifer Ker. The clinic offers a variety of allergy related services. Some of their services are as follows:

Allergy shots:

Allergy shots are also known as subcutaneous immunotherapy of SCIT. Known as one of the best treatments for the allergies and asthma, it includes a few disease modifying therapies to cure a number of allergic conditions. In children, allergy shots are particularly helpful as they can reduce the risk of becoming more allergic or developing asthma later in life.

allergy testing in Franklin

Cluster immunotherapy:

An upgrade version of traditional immunotherapy. Traditional way includes 26 incremental doses that are given once or twice depending on the severity. On the other hand, the cluster immunotherapy includes only 9 sessions. Most of the people choose cluster based technique because it is cost effective, consumes less time and show significant results.

Allergy partners also provide patch allergy testing in Franklin. They have also specialized equipment and staff to carry out pulmonary allergy tests. You can read more at