Get a Triquetra tattoo with a new tattoo kit!

Do you have triquetra tattoo? Get one today with a new tattoo kit! Who knows, you could be a trend setter and not even know it! What is triquetra tattoo you ask? Triquetra is derived from the latin word Tri Quetrus or otherwise meaning “three cornered”. What does your brain think of when you hear the term three cornered? Do you think triangle? I do! The Triquetra or Tri Quetrus is a geometric shape referring to the circle of life. It also represents the elements of fire, water and air. It is also sometimes acknowledge by early christians as the symbol of Trinity. With such a powerful meaning, such as the circle of life, and trinity, chances are,  this is a very special tattoo to those it adorns. While it is also semi- popular in that many tattoo artists get asked to tattoo it frequently, it most also be semi-unique in that the people choosing this, probably have a super unique meaning and purpose for picking it. Have you ever considered a tattoo with meaning like this? Do you know what the meaning is of each of the tattoos you have and why you picked them? How many tattoos have you received and later decided to get removed or covered up due to their meaning/symbolism no longer being the most relevant in your life? With our tattoo supply kits also comes practice skin so you can practice for a long time and make sure that each tattoo you choose is really the perfect fit for you. Our Tattoo machine gun kits include everything you need plus multiple tattoo machine guns for you to practice and tattoo with. Our kits include power supplies, ink, needles and so much more “incidentals” such as ink cups, ink cup holders, the practice skin and even transfer paper and so much more! Order yours today.