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Dr. Karl Smith periodontics and dentistry is a dental office based in Alexandria that delivers a number of dental services to their patients. The clinic offers a large number of procedures including dental implants, gum grafting, oral cancer exam, soft tissue grafting, root amputation, sinus augmentation, gum and jawbone corrective treatments. The office is run under the command of Dr. Karl A Smith who is a cosmetic dentist. A team of dental experts is always ready to offer all kinds of assistance to patients. If you get an appointment from their office then you will get a number of benefits including clean environment, standard of care, uncompromised safety, education and prevention and an overall positive experience.

dr. karl smith

.There are some symptoms that you need to note for gum recession including sensitive teeth, longer looking teeth, inflammation or bleeding. There are also some causes for this problem to occur such as overaggressive brushing and poor hygiene. Each and every case of this disease differs from others so a different treatment is required for every patient. If overaggressive brushing technique is the culprit then your doctor will recommend you a softer toothbrush and give instructions about how to use soft brushing technique. If poor hygiene is the cause of problem then oral cleaning will be required to kill the bacteria residing in your mouth. Once all the problem is resolved a surgery of cosmetic or restorative type is required to fix the look and restore the symmetry given by nature. The team at this dental office is always ambitious to give you a more pleasing smile.

Bruxism is a dental malfunction that occurs to almost everyone at some point in their life. Grinding and clenching of jaws and teeth are among the symptoms of this disease. If you have any problem related to your oral health, then you can seek the expertise of Dr. Karl Smith. He will dig into the matter and find the root cause of the problem. Once the root cause has been identified, it will be eradicated so that the problem don’t pop up again.