Promap: Ideal for planning application maps

<p>Promap is one of the UK&rsquo;s leading supplier of digital mapping. When it comes to initiating any development project, property, building and real estate extension, the local authorities of the UK require a comprehensive planning application maps pertaining to the location and the site of the property or building. Without such a map, the applications do not qualify for consideration and often face delays or rejection. A good map covers site location plans and block plans. If a map is designed effectively, it eases for the application to be considered and verified ultimately. Numerous applications fail due to carelessly designed maps lacking minimum requirements.</p><p>While submitting an application for property, construction or extension or changing the use of the real estate, a map must accompany the proposal. That map must be accurate, licensed, completely displayed and up-to-date. The best way to get updated maps is to acquire the data provided by current Ordnance Survey maps. If a planning map meets all the aforementioned demands, it ultimately makes the application more complete and effective. On behalf of its customers, Promap takes good care of all the above needs of a proficient map. By using professional digital mapping services of Promap, you can have best possible maps that are totally relevant to respective proposals.</p><p>Effectively designed maps play a key role in a smooth and in time acceptance of property construction, extension or modification application. They speak for the actual proposal and must be given proper attention. Promap is all what you need to get a perfect property map for such applications.</p>