Holiday Inn Express, Macquarie Park

<p>Australia is a beautiful country. It is one of the most desirable countries to be visited. It has high Human Development Index (HDI) and a peaceful environment. The basic infrastructure in education, health, transport and telecommunication is very strong. The low population makes it even more popular as a country for permanent settlement. In addition to above mentioned attributes, Australia has numerous tourist resorts. This specialty turns even more visitors. To welcome these guests, there are different hotels and guest houses throughout the country. In the state of New South Wales, there is a hotel with all the required facilities for the guests. Known as the Holiday Inn Express, the hotel is located in the center of the city of Macquarie Park. Due to the prime location, the hotel is at a walking distance to major train stations, bus stops, shopping malls and hospitals. The hotel is fully equipped with all the necessary and advanced facilities.</p><p>The hotel has a leisure bar to spend peaceful time and enjoy with your friends and family. The hotel contains a modern gymnasium that is fully equipped with machines required for exercise. There is an LCD hanging by the wall of the gym. Guests can spend their time by watching their favorite shows while doing work out. The gym remains open every hour of the day and every day of the week.</p><p>Since the hotel is situated in the mid of the commercial area in the Macquarie Park city, public transport is not an issue at all. One can catch a bus from a nearby station located at a few yards from the hotel building. National and international airports are also in a close proximity to the hotel. Whether you need to travel abroad or within the country or the state, every type of transportation is available to you.</p><p>The hotel also has its own organized parking system. The cars enter and leave the vicinity with discipline under the security check. The parking service is available at a very low cost to the guests. The positive customer feedback is a proof of the quality services provided by the hotel.</p>