Bank Loans by Refinance On Deck

Worried regarding tight and rigid terms and conditions of banks and financial institutions for advancing loans? Being rejected by the banks to grant loans because you do not have enough assets to back loan? Want monthly payments? Want no pre-payment penalty? Want quick approval and funding? Want monthly payments? Want loans with no pre-payment penalty?

All you need is to contact Refinance On Deck!

It is an agreed fact that getting loan from banks and financial institutions is a huge challenge now a days. The financial institutions offer so much terms and conditions that are difficult to follow. Moreover, there are tough repayment criteria. If the payment of the loans is not done on time, the penalties are also charged.

The banks and financial institutions require assets to back against the loans. That is the reason why they thoroughly check the credit worthiness of the loans. Moreover, the major preference of the financial intermediaries is to provide loans to the blue chip companies. That is the reason why the sole proprietorship business as well small and medium sized companies suffer when it comes to apply for the loans.

Refinance On Deck is your right partner when it comes to granting of the loans!

On Deck is a company that has been granting loans at proficient and lower interest rates than the other financial markets. The finances are offered for different time periods and each time period has its own interest rate.  The funds offered by Refinance On Deck are categorized according to time duration for the maturity of the loans.

The interest rate that are offered for the loans from of 3 to 5 years is at the rate of less than 6.5% per annum. The loans that are provided for the time period of 7-10 years has interest rate as less as 5.99% per annum. The loan that is granted for the time period of 10 years is at the interest rate of 12.99%. There are collateralized loans are advanced at15% interest rate. These loans are those that require some asset backed as security. These loans are granted for the total time period of 2.5 years to 6 years.

The best thing is that asset balance inquiry is done from the borrowers with greater flexibility and leniency. The confirmations of the loans by On Deck is done very swiftly. The process of funding is also very rapid. The borrower is only required to provide the total amount of capital required and reason to obtain the loan.