Uses of Zeolith

Zeolites is a group of hydrated aluminosilicates of sodium, potassium, calcium, and barium. This family brings a lot of benefits it. They are catalyzed and mixed with other minerals in their group to do some very useful things for agriculture and industry. Its importance of zeolith can be seen once we know about its uses. Here are some of the uses of zeolith.
1. Some stones are used for the decoration purposes. You will be pleased to know that zeolith stones are also used for decoration purposes. Their specific color and beautiful, sleek look makes them a very attractive decorative item. This stone can be used in flower pots or decoration baskets. It increases the aesthetics and give a boost to the interior designing.
2. If you have an aquarium in your house, you know that how difficult it is to maintain an aquarium. The main reason is that water gets polluted quickly and you have to filter it frequently. Mostly, it depends upon the number of fish and the tank size. More fish and small tank, it gets polluted quickly and vice versa. Zeolites can also be used as water filters in aquariums. They are very easy to use. It is also used to protect the fish from numerous diseases.
3. Zeolites can be used as cat litters. The reason is that absorption properties of zeolite are great. Foul smell is produced due to moisture in the cat litter. When zeolite is used as a cat litter, there is no moisture in it, so there will be no foul smell. Also, it is very comfortable substance, so your cat won’t feel uneasy. All you have to do is fill the cat’s litter box with specifically made zeolite for cat litter. It should be replaced after 10 days, when absorption properties start fading because it has already absorbed a lot.
4. Zeolith can also be mixed with mineral nutrients for plants, they make a very useful fertilizer. This fertilizer can be used anywhere. Whether you like home gardening or a farmer, zeolith fertilizers have a very high organic value which is very useful for the growth of the plants.

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