What You Should Know about Assault Charges

If you are faced with assault charges, you should not take them lightly. Their penalties vary, and they depend on specific circumstances. Basically, it is all about committing a violent crime. That’s why even minor assaults are treated seriously. They are refers to as batteries in some states. You should contact a local criminal defense lawyer to find out what to expect. Consider the services of law offices at ariano reppucci guidance.

All assaults are categorized into different types. Punishments range from one type to another. Keep in mind that they are usually associated with some physical violence and threats. Victims need to experience pain or suffer from injuries. At times, such crimes involve only a low level of pain and no injuries. They are punished by less serious penalties.

Increased fear factors and serious injuries increase the level of assaults. All of them can be either simple or aggravated. There are cuffed hands of a mancertain aggravating circumstances that lead to severe penalties.

When dealing with such criminal cases, you need to pick the most effective defense technique. This is when the expert help of legal professionals will come in handy. For example, your lawyer may advise you to choose self-defense. This means that you need to admit that you assaulted another individual, but you had a valid reason to do it, such as protecting your health and life. Another popular defense strategy is mutual combat or consent. This is when both parties understood the risks involved in the particular event before entering it.

You should get a better idea of basic penalties to be aware of what to expect after sentencing. When dealing with aggravated assault charges, try to prove that there are no aggravating circumstances involved in your case. This is how you ca reduce the level of your possible punishment.

Basic assaults involve only minor injuries and losses, and that’s why they are punished as misdemeanor offenses. The most common penalties involve a jail sentence (up to one year) and probation. If prosecutors succeed to prove your aggravating circumstances, you will have to deal with felony offenses. They are punished up to a life sentence. Such circumstances may vary from one state to another. The basic ones include the use of deadly weapons, permanent or life-lasting injuries, family violence, and so on. Any punishment you get will have a negative impact on your future life. Even misdemeanor assaults have dramatic effects.