Simple Questions about Health Care Proxies

There are many people who benefit from health care proxies. If you want to get the same benefits, take time to find out more about the main ins and outs involved. Basically, you need to answer a few simple questions about this subject. Contact the law firm of Ariano Williams to get answers.

What can a health care proxy allow?

It is a simple legal paper that allows people someone they know and can trust to make all important medical care decisions on their behalf. As soon as you become incapacitated, you won’t be able to make them on your own. That’s why you should think about appointing an executor of your health care proxy. This important document concerns not only your medical care choices, but it also includes your relationships with family members, physicians, and other people involved in your health care.a woman filing a health care proxy

Whom can you appoint?

Any person who is older than 18 years can use a certain legal form to appoint an executor of a health care proxy. It is possible to choose any adult except the doctor, administrator and other employees of your hospital and health care facility. Or you have to prove that this professional is your relative by adoption, marriage, or blood.

What can your executor do?

Your executor can make any decisions about your medical care when you are not able to do it for any reason. This person will act on your behalf if you are not conscious, are in coma, or have other health conditions that prevent you from communicating and making such decisions on your own. However, it is not allowed to start doing that until your doctor states that you really lack the ability to make your decisions personally.

The executors of health care proxy should make their decisions only after discussing all possible medical options and their consequences with doctors. They have their right to get the necessary information, such as your medical records, to make the best decision based on your personal wishes and moral or religious beliefs.

Take time to talk to your health care provider or other people before providing your executor with detailed instructions. Make sure that this person knows what is really important for you. Health care proxies provide you with a peace of mind because you know that your wishes will be honored once you become incapacitated and not able to say them on your own. You can provide any limitation you want as well.