Sensitivity of Teeth

untitledIt has been observed that when you have sensitive teeth, there are certain activities such as brushing, flossing, eating and drinking can cause sharp temporary pain in your teeth. Having sensitive teeth can be a problem sometimes, they are typically the result of worn tooth and exposed roots. If you’re concerned about sensitive teeth, start by visiting a good dentist. He or she can identify or rule out any underlying causes of your tooth pain. After several applications, desensitizing toothpaste can sometimes help block pain associated with sensitive teeth. Your dentist might apply fluoride to the sensitive areas of your teeth to strengthen tooth enamel and reduce pain. He or she might also suggest the use of prescription fluoride at home. Occasionally, exposed root surfaces can be treated by applying bonding resin to the sensitive root surfaces. Local anesthetic might be needed. If your tooth root has lost gum tissue, a small amount of gum tissue can be taken from elsewhere in your mouth and attached to the affected site. This can protect exposed roots and reduce sensitivity.
Sensitive teeth can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. The discomfort is usually felt in the form of a sharp and sudden pain after eating foods that are sweet, sour, cold, or hot or even contact with cold air. If you are a victim of sensitive teeth, there are tips that can help to reduce the pain and discomfort so that you can live comfortably and eat the foods you enjoy. One of the best ways to battle tooth sensitivity is to practice good oral hygiene. This includes brushing your teeth regularly for approximately two minutes. Also, make sure that you floss frequently to help clean all sections of your teeth and mouth. You might also consider limiting acidic foods and drinks, such as carbonated drinks, citrus fruits, wine and yogurt, all of which can remove small amounts of tooth enamel over time. When you drink acidic liquids, use a straw to limit contact with your teeth. After eating or drinking an acidic substance, drink milk or water to balance the acid levels in your mouth. If you haven’t already found your personal dentist, now is the time to make one good dentist which will be your permanent doctor so that he or she knows all your dental history.