What Happens if People Die without Leaving a Will

It is always best to leave a valid will to protect the best interests of your dear ones and avoid legal fights and other relevant issues. However, there are certain circumstances that may prevent you from taking this step. If you die without leaving this important document, there are certain intestacy rules that must be followed to distribute your valuable assets. They dictate who is going to inherit your estate. Find an estate planning lawyer.

  • If you have a surviving spouse and kids, they will inherit your valuable assets in certain parts. Contact your legal representative to find out more about the laws valid in your location.
  • If you have only a surviving spouse, but not parents, kids and siblings, this person will inherit everything you have.a hand of a person who signs a will
  • If you have no kids, your parents and spouse are going to receive your estate in equal parts (1/2).
  • If you have siblings and a spouse, but no parents and children, they will inherit ½ of your estate.
  • If you are not married, but have kids, they will inherit your valuable assets equally.

When people die without a valid will and have no surviving spouses, kids, siblings and parents, they property will be received by nephews and nieces, uncles and aunts, grandparents and other relatives. If there are no family members left, state authorities are going to inherit this kind of estate.

Do not forget about debts and taxes. This means that they should be calculated when determining the amount of your inheritance. At times, they exceed the value of your probate, and this is what makes it insolvent.

If you have any questions about your inheritance, will and other relevant legal issues, do not hesitate to contact reputable probate lawyers. They are always willing to help you. There are many benefits of getting their expert help. They can manage any paperwork involved in your estate planning process, ensure that the rights of your beneficiaries are protected and find a good trustee, guardian or executor.

You should be aware of how to hire the best estate planning lawyer because this decision is important for the financial future of your family. Browse the Internet for the official sites of legal professionals, as this is where you can find detailed information about their fees, services and possible solutions. Check the reviews left by their past clients because they will tell you a lot about the results you can expect from them.