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Life is a combination of different experiences, some experiences are joyous while other may be harsh and painful. Every person wants to have an ideal life full of comfort and satisfaction, the person even works hard to achieve dream life. Unfortunately, a heavy percentage of the people cannot achieve it. Many factors are involved in the failure which can be pin pointed easily. One of the factors of the total failure in the life is committing a crime. Committing a crime is itself a cast field to explore. A new branch of study “Criminology” deals with all the theories related to the crime. People usually work for their personal interest in adopt a wrong way to achieve their requisite goal. The physical and the social environment also heavily effects the behavioral choices. The social environment includes injustice, lack of education, no opportunities for the people to promote themselves and intolerance. It is also believed that most of the people have same aspirations but their opportunities and abilities vary, after failure the people chose the path of crime to be successful. Some crimes may be as high as an aggravated assault, the punishment for these crimes is also harsh. Gavel and scales
The aggravated assault is charged in many of the cases. The case may be the serious injury caused to person or the use lethal object as a weapon. It may also include the use of force resulting in loss of any body part or organ. Entering in the private property without legal authority is also thought to be the aggravated assault. If the person above 18 commits the assault on a child under 15 then he is also convicted of the aggravated assault. Anyone attempts to gain control of police officer’s firearms then it is also considered as aggravated assault.
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