Little Cherry Loves: Mad Hatter Children’s Parties

Over at the offices, it’s universally agreed that there is nothing more fun than organising a children’s party. With a bit of imagination and the right decorations, you can create a whole different world for little ones to escape to. Simply combining the right colours, props and layout will transform any room or garden, and make any party one to remember.

Of course, there are countless different party themes out there, especially for children, who are far more receptive to the weird, wonderful and fun than their adult counterparts. Today though, let’s look at just one party theme: Mad Hatter.

The thought of a Mad Hatter party usually evokes images of buzzing guests at a garden party, sat around a smartly laid table, enjoying afternoon tea. Mismatched teapots and delicious cream cakes are just some of the iconic props associated with such a motif, as are rich colours and other opulent elements. Some cinematic versions have actually shaped the way we envisage a Mad Hatter tea party, with the edgy Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland being the current favourite.

Regardless of whether you prefer Burton’s dark Wonderland or Disney’s hectic one though, there are plenty of fun and distinctive a Mad Hatter styled kids' partyelements to pull from each. Table props, tea party inspired decorations and a smart but quirky dress code are a must. Tea, colourful juices, cakes and tiny triangular sandwiches are also called for at a Mad Hatter tea party. Above all though, a fun and captivating atmosphere is of the utmost importance.

So read on to see how Little Cherry can help you create a mesmerizingly green Mad Hatter motif for your next children’s party or click the link to explore our organic products in greater detail!

The Backdrop

First and foremost, when creating your very own Wonderland, you need to get the backdrop right. Regardless of whether the party is in the back garden or the dining room, you need to pull everything together with the right colours and trimmings. You also need to make sure that all these decorations don’t go to waste, so go for reusable or biodegradable options. We suggest our translucent and pearlescent biodegradable balloons, some fun paper pom poms and, for that all important tea party effect, some bunting.

The Table Top

Naturally, as a tea party takes place around a table, you need to pay attention to the way the table is decorated. It is up to you whether you go all-out or add a few subtle touches and token table decorations, but make sure that whatever you choose fits the Mad Hatter tea party theme. For eco-friendly ease, use disposable party plates and compostable glasses. For decoration and finishing touches, stock up on vintage paper straws, old mismatched teapots and cups, and a natural slate chalkboard for the ‘menu’.

The Party Favours

Last but not least are the party favours. Children’s party bag fillers are one of the highlights, but as much as you want to include things that the kids will enjoy, you need to ensure you opt for penny and planet-friendly fillers that still fit the Mad Hatter theme. If you can’t find Wonderland inspired fillers, stick to the garden party motif with ladybird pencil sharpeners, cupcakes and even Seedboms. You can choose decorative paper party bags, like our silver damask option, or you can go for smaller paper party bags in colours that match the party’s palette.

These suggestions are just a starting point. Your decoration choices will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and any limitation in terms of practicality. For example, you might choose an all-blue, all-pink or all-white theme instead, which would dictate how you set the party up. Alternatively, you might have to tone down the chaos if the group you plan to entertain are a naturally messy or rowdy bunch.

However you go about throwing your little munchkin a Mad Hatter party, you can rest assured that with Little Cherry, it will be both enchanting and eco-friendly.