Brand Advertising with Envelope Printing

It doesn’t matter what industry a company is in, nor does it matter what product or service they offer; all businesses require some form of advertising in order to promote themselves, reach their target audience, acquire more customers and increase sales. It’s just that simple. Running a successful business is about having all the right tools and strategies in place, whether they are in relation to quality assurance and customer service or manufacturing, marketing and finance.

Online advertising through social media and other means has grown phenomenally in recent years, with many people now preferring them to traditional portals because they are less expensive and better able to reach a wider audience. However, certain traditional ways of marketing are still viable to this day. In fact, with so much emphasis on technology, many customers respond rather well to good old-fashioned ways of marketing. Case in point; the print media.

Print media is a conventional marketing tool used to reach potential customers. Among other printed materials in such campaigns, companies use printed envelopes as a means of communicating with their target audience. These branded envelopes will be used to send out informative material, brochures, any correspondence and even a regular bill. This form of advertising and communication is popular because it is practical, but still fulfils the purpose of promoting your business and brand. If you wish to invest in envelope printing, then listed below are some pointers you should take into consideration courtesy of

The Size of the Envelope

colorful printed envelopes come in different shapes and sizes, but your final decision will depend on your specific needs and requirements in terms of the material you have to send out. The most common size for an envelope is the C3, which measures at 458mm x 324mm, but you should assess your needs and then decide which size you should use.

The Quality of the Paper Matters

There are all manner of paper types available for envelopes, but make sure you get envelopes that are of a high and sturdy quality. You will want to ensure that your envelopes are well-designed and made to the standard necessary for both the intended recipients and the contents; ultimately, the paper should be able to withstand different types of handling, without ripping or marking too easily.

Black and White or Coloured

The ink you use is a matter of preference. You will need to decide whether you want to keep things plain and simple or whether you want to be creative and play around with colours. If you choose to go with coloured envelopes or ink, then there is a high chance that the potential recipients will pay more attention to it.

Use A Good Printer

The good thing about print media technology today is that it has advanced so much, there are many excellent options available, for home startups and businesses alike. Three-in-one printers are common, and they are a favourite because they perform the functions of a printer, copier and scanner all at once; some even come with a phone functionality as well. Whatever the extras, you should ensure you use a good quality printer for your envelope printing. If your company logo has colour, then you must use a colour printer to keep your brand image uniform across all the different forms of advertising your company is using.

Adequately designed, and good quality envelopes can do wonders for your business. With minimal effort, they can give you a great deal of exposure and publicity which is nothing but positive marketing. As such, it is best to get envelope printing done by professionals or to invest in a quality printer, as well as plenty of quality paper and printer cartridges.