Why An Autumn Caravan Holiday Is Picture Perfect

Allens Caravan UK holidays are a typically British and thoroughly enjoyable experience, whatever time of year it is. In the spring, you can enjoy a luxury caravan holiday whilst being shaded by beautiful blossom trees, whilst the summer offers blue skies and plenty of sunny adventures.

Autumn too has its merits. It is the ideal time of year to book a caravan holiday in Worcestershire because you can explore the great outdoors of the Heart of England, without having to battle the heat and humidity that plagues summer days.

As well as being a clement and pleasant season, autumn also offers its own unique range of natural attractions. Each of these natural attractions is stunning in its own right, but together they make the most breath-taking of backdrops for a caravan holiday. Part of the unique appeal of these natural autumn wonders is that they cannot be experienced at any other time, and equally, they’re not to be missed.

So what exactly is it that makes these three special months so picture perfect? Well, there are five features in particular, all of which are listed below.

Autumn Sunsets

Autumn sunsets are renowned for being vivid. Unlike the hazy watercolour appearance of a summer sunset, when the sun goes down in autumn, the sky comes alive with deep cornflower blues, fiery reds and vibrant pink or orange hues. Each of these colours is defined and arresting, especially on a crisp autumn day where clouds don’t overly obscure the view. There is scientific reason behind this sunset phenomenon, but for the purpose of your caravan holiday, you can rest assured that the earlier sunsets (and sunrises) are quite something to behold. Learn more here about our gorgeous caravan getaway locations!

amazing autumn landscapesBrighter Stars

Summer is a season of short nights and light skies, but autumn is very different with longer, darker nights that are ultimately clearer. With what could can described as a “deeper” night, we have more time and more opportunity to see different constellations. What’s more is that with only a cold, crisp and clear autumn sky between us and those stars, we can find ourselves overwhelmed with bright twinkling lights overhead. So if you are hoping for some star-gazing opportunities, or perhaps just a romantic break complete with starlit evenings, you will be more than impressed with the autumn night sky.

Harvest Moons

2014 saw a relatively early Harvest Moon, combined with a Super Moon, which gave us one of the biggest and most vivid moons for a while. There are still plenty of harvest-time moons to enjoy though. In much the same way as we see stars shine brighter in autumn, we can see the moon clearer in the clear sky. Additionally, after the equinox, the moon makes its daily appearance earlier, so we can enjoy its ghostly appearance in a sunlit sky. This strange but stunning overcrowding (with both the sun and the moon in the sky at once) is one of autumn’s quirks, and it offers a prime photo opportunity for professional and amateur photographers alike.

Misty Mornings

Longer, colder nights and increased moisture in the atmosphere leads to more mist in the autumn. As the days begin and temperatures rise again, the moisture condenses and leaves wispy ribbons of mist behind, smudging the landscape with its eerie natural backlighting. This is a wonderful sight in the hilly, rural Worcestershire countryside, where mist ribbons wrap themselves around quaint English towns and villages. The spectacle of mist is best-viewed in the early morning though, so be sure to get up early and take a stroll around the caravan park to make the most of the crisp and misty autumn mornings.

Nature’s Fireworks

Of course, you can’t talk about the visual natural beauty of autumn without talking about the changing leaves. The golds, reds and greens mixed together in autumn foliage are best described as nature’s fireworks. Colours start off as vibrant streaks amongst slowly-turning greenery. As the season goes on though, these colours become warmer in tone and more vivid. Eventually, you have entire forests awash with fiery hues, providing those in predominantly rural areas like Worcestershire, with quite the foliage firework display.

Now, these five natural features of autumn are by no means the season’s only appeal. There is something truly captivating about this time of year, whether you have a romanticised notion of it or you simply appreciate its unadulterated natural beauty. So whether you are escaping for the weekend on a last minute caravan holiday with http://www.allenscaravans.co.uk/fishing-holidays-uk/, or you have a fun-filled fortnight planned, autumn is the ideal time for you to kick back, get closer to nature and enjoy the picture-perfect backdrop of your chosen park.