Creating Warmth in a Traditional Living Room

Whilst every homeowner is different in terms of their design preferences, on one end of the spectrum you have a daringly modern approach. On the other side though sits a lovely, warm traditional design, complete with tiffany lights, Crabtree electrical wall sockets, a Persian rug and equally inviting white marble fireplace. 

The modern approach, though innovative, can sometimes lack a sense of warmth and welcome. Only when designed with certain elements can it truly leap the barrier and come out on top as a cosy yet advanced layout.a traditionally set comfortable living room

The traditional style, on the other hand, offers a lot in the way of warm welcomes and comfy interior. This isn’t to say that every homeowner should instantly renovate their state-of-the-art kitchen; it just means that those looking for a cosy cottage feel may be better suited to this type of design.

Moving on, with warmth being one of the most desired atmospheres in a home, how can we achieve this level of comfort? In this guide, we will take you through a few ways you can create warmth in a traditional living room.

A touch of greenery

It may sound strange, but flowers and plants can do so much for a home. Not only do they have the power help visitors feel more at home, they can also bring about a lovely sense of warmth, which is just what we’re looking for. Not forgetting the lovely scent that flowers bring too.

If you want to go seasonal, perhaps pick up a few flowers in wonderful, autumnal shades of red and orange. You can spruce up the appearance of these plants by tying a glittery gold ribbon around the vase or lay them down with a ribbon to hold the stems together.

If you want to push the boat out a little further, you could create a mini garden centrepiece or a lovely cabinet display to welcome your guests into your home.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to go for real greenery, you could pick up a few faux autumnal decorations like ready-made wreaths to hang on the door, an artificial pumpkin patch or a collection of fake sunflowers.

Tonal Lighting

Like plants and flowers, lighting can also make a huge difference to the overall ambience of your home. Unlike modern homeowners who tend to opt for bright white lighting options, traditional homes are much more suited to a warm golden glow. Because of this, you have a number of lighting solutions to choose from. Your decision is likely to be based on the style and appearance of the light too so review your options carefully.

For example, if you are looking for a solely traditional light that consists of a quality, polychromatic finish, tiffany style lights are a wonderful option. On the other hand, if you want to blend the stylings of modernistic and conventional homes, LED lights from sndelectrical can do the trick quite nicely.

You may also want to consider investing in a dimmer switch. This can help you to adjust the brightness accordingly and allows for a sweeping change of mood across the entire room depending on your mood.

Traditional Decorations

Again, if you want to go down the seasonal route, there are plenty of decorations to choose from including pretty little candle holders wrapped in a berry vine. If, however, you want to stay traditional, you could opt for sculptures in neutral or classic shades or even go all out with a decadent chandelier. Alternatively, wall art is always a great way to go and there are plenty of traditional style paintings and designs out there to choose from – really, you’re spoilt for choice here!

If you’re planning to renovate your home this autumn or even add to your current traditional theme, keep these tips in mind. From all of us here, have a wonderful Halloween and don’t forget to turn your home into a conventional autumnal wonderland!