How to Cook Soft Pretzel Rolls at Home

Some people refuse from cooking popular pretzel rolls at home because this process seem too tiring and time consuming, but they are wrong. It will take around one hour and you won’t regret spending your time on cooking and baking because you will get tasty and healthy treats.

different pretzel rollsYou dough will take a short time to rise, and boiling soft pretzel rolls in water will provide them with a chewy feel. Think about an egg wash that offers shining. However, it is only up to a personal choice to use these small tricks.

Pay attention to the size of your pretzel rolls. Some people like the huge ones, while others prefer a smaller size. If you want to cook them only for yourself, choose a recipe for only six pretzels. You will have to adjust your baking time accordingly, and this means that a larger size usually requires more time.

  1. Combine flour and yeast in a special mixer bowl. Heat water or beet and mix it with salt and sugar. Make sure that this liquid is warm enough to go on with your recipe. Use your finger to check whether its temperature is suitable, but be careful.
  2. Add this substance to your mixing bowl and start to combine other basic ingredients. You should increase your mixing speed gradually and do this for around five minutes. If you have a heavy duty mixer, you will get quite stiff dough. It is also possible to use your hands when adding more flour to achieve the same result. Knead your dough for ten minutes minimum. It should be left alone for half an hour, and you need to use this break to prepare other components of your soft pretzel rolls.
  3. Use a big soup pot and place water or beer and high quality baking soda. This mixture may start foaming, so bring it to a slimmer.
  4. Mix agave syrup and egg yolk in a small bowl. You can use any other syrup instead. Combine these ingredients well enough and set this substance aside. Prepare your pastry brush because it must be at hand.
  5. Prepare a baking sheet and spray them with special grease. Your kitchen oven must be already pre-heat up to 400 degrees.
  6. Put your dough on a flat surface and start making small ropes. They should have a famous pretzel shape and put them into a simmering liquid for one minute. Drain them on paper towels and place on baking sheets. They are ready to be baked.