5 Widespread Types of Divorce Claims

Unfortunately, there are many people who decide to get divorced these days. They need to undergo a special legal procedure in order to terminate their marital life. You should know that there are different reasons to make this kind of decision, including all kinds of irreconcilable differences, adultery, incompatibility, violence, addiction, financial issues, and so on.

a young happy coupleBefore deciding to take this step, it is always best to get more info about basic divorce types. That’s because they may have different results, requirements and terms. You should not forget to hire an experienced legal representative to make sure that you will get the best outcomes possible.

  1. Contested divorces. They are quite common, and this is when both parties involved can’t achieve an agreement in terms of important legal matters, such as child custody, property division, alimony, and so on. You should be prepared that the process of your separation may take up to several years, and it will include a number of difficulties.
  2. Uncontested cases. If both spouses are able to agree on the most important terms and conditions related to their kids and valuable property, they will get an uncontested divorce. This means that people end their marital life by means of their mutual understanding. It is true that this option is very simple, and it helps to save a great deal of time and money. At times, some couples even do not require any services of lawyers.
  3. At-fault divorce cases. This is when you are required to provide the evidence of your spouse’s wrong doing, as it is the only way to get this type of divorce. If judges agree to your proof, everything is completed fast. Otherwise, your petition will be rejected.
  4. No-fault divorces. This option definitely helps to simplify the main legal processes involved in ending people’s marital life. That’s because they are not obliged to prove the fault of other parties. It is possible to get separated based on their irreconcilable differences in important opinions. This type of divorce is the best decision that you can make to be able to avoid expensive procedures and complications.
  5. Amicable divorces. They can be achieved only if both parties involved agree to terminate their marriage legally and are able to solve such important issues as child custody and alimony. They need to do this without any interference of third parties. If you think that there are some legal difficulties, take time to find a good lawyer.