What Consumers Need to Know about Cam Locks

If you are not aware of what these locks are all about, you should know that such devices are used in order to lock different drawers and other similar units. Basically, each lock of this kind consists of many elements, such as keyholes, bases, and so on. Its main feature is connected with the cam that rotates as soon as keys are inserted by users.

a cam lock with keysIt is possible to find cam locks in different types based on the way how they should be installed. Some of them fit in only one position, while others can be moved in different positions. In any case, they are in high demand, since there are many people who appreciate their simplicity, affordability, and other important features. It’s no wonder they belong to the most popular types of locks nowadays.

Before deciding to install any of them, it makes sense to find out more about their main features and functions.

a)      There are some people who think that cam locks can be used only for desks and cabinets, but they are wrong. It is possible to use them for a wide range of other purposes. For example, you can install them when it comes to all kinds of display units. Many consumers use them for windows and access panels, as this is how it becomes possible to avoid tampering. You can see many schools that have these locks as well.

b)      It is interesting that cam locks can be found in a variety of styles and colors to choose from. This feature helps them meet the basic requirements of different users. You need to remember that sturdy and big types can offer a higher level of security, so it is advisable to use them for important desks and other furniture. You can install mini locks if you have different space issues. You should prefer common steel finishes when dealing with indoor uses. If you are planning to use them outside, it is always best to choose the materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as stainless steel.

c)     Another important detail is that cam locks can be operated by means of different keys, including the round and flat ones. The latter rotate their cam, but if you prefer to use tubular key, you need to understand that they must be pressed before turning. There are some consumers who choose combination mechanisms, as they allow using these locks without keys, so they are quite convenient.