Types of Nail Guns and Their Usage

What is a nail gun? It is a sort of tool that replaces a usual hammer that can be found in practically any home or garage. Nail guns are a popular kind of building and mounting tools; they are extremely helpful in building of wooden homes and sheds and also in case it is necessary to keep together two sheets of plasterboard. Popularity and helpfulness of this tool is the reason why the assortment of nail guns is quite wide and we have options to choose from.

a woman with a nail gunChoose by a Purpose

Let’s try to find out how to choose the best nail gun out of the range of newest offers of the market. Mounting and assembling are the main functions of a nail gun. This tool is naturally used in building, repair works, finishing of rooms with wood, etc. In a word, it is an essential thing in every sphere where you need to fix something with a nail. Depending on tasks you are going to perform with the help of a nail gun, you need different instruments. For example, a smaller gun will work with joint pins which are practically invisible in finishing surfaces. Bigger devices are perfect in dealing with dowels that are inserted without drilling into brick walls, steel and concrete constructions.

Why Nail Guns Are Better Than Hammers

Having a nail gun, we have a range of advantages in comparison to usual hammers. There is no damage (dents, scratches, splits) on finishing surfaces, the task is performed with one hand, the performance is three to four times as quick and involves no injuries to hands of workers. If you need more details, you can visit www.dewaltnailgun.org, more info HERE: now we are going to give each type of nail guns a quick glance.

Types of Nail Guns

Nail guns are powered by different means; they can be pneumatic, gas, gunpowder and electrical. Pneumatic nail guns are the most popular ones that work with all types of nails. Such guns work with compressors; it means that the device will have a hose connected to an air reservoir. The main advantage of pneumatic nail guns is their perfect output. Gas nail guns are very powerful ones because they can insert nails even into steel and concrete. Such guns work with gas cylinders that allow such guns to perform without any cables or hoses. Gunpowder guns are even more powerful than gas ones: they are perfect for metals and concrete. Their advantage is in independent performance and a wide range of nails. Electrical guns are the weakest of all, used mostly for finishing tasks.