Japanese Hair Straightening: Is It the Right Thing for You?

If you want to make your hair perfectly straight, you can choose between several treatments available today. Some of them are extremely effective and can straighten out even the craziest curls. a woman making a haircutJapanese hair straightening is one of these treatments, and it’s the one that can provide some truly impressive results on any kind of hair.

There are quite a few hair salons in Orange County, and many of them offer this treatment. Thus, you will have plenty of options to choose from when picking the establishment you will entrust with your precious hair. Be sure to check their reputation and the products they use. A poorly qualified stylist or low quality straightening solution can damage your hair beyond repair. Thus, you simply cannot be too careful in this matter. This is why you should go to a reputed establishment, like Jeffery Michaels Hair Salon Orange County.

One of the most unpleasant things about this procedure is that you will have to keep as far away from water as possible for the next seventy two hours. In case any moisture gets on your hair during this period, the chemicals in the solution won’t hold. Thus, you will have to redo everything from the start. Apart from being rather expensive, this will also be dangerous for your hair. Thus, you should follow the stylist’s instructions very carefully.

Japanese straightening hair treatment takes several hours and includes some harsh chemicals and heat treatment. However, your hair will look truly impressive after it. The locks will flow down your shoulders like silk. The key factor that made this particular straightening treatment so popular is that it doesn’t make hair look artificial. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful and natural look of your hair immediately after the procedure.

Of course, the effect of the treatment isn’t permanent. As your hair grows out, you will need to have the roots treated to match the rest of it. However, it will take about six months for you to need a touch up. You shouldn’t worry about your hairstyle getting messed up during this time. The only visual effect that will differentiate your natural hair from the treated part of it is that you will have more volume at the roots. This can hardly be called a disadvantage.

Do not forget that you have to be completely honest with your stylist about your previous hair dying and perm experiences. Any remaining chemicals on your hair can interfere with the treatment and give some drastic results you really don’t want to see.