Extreme DUI Offences and Penalties in Arizona

What do you think of DUI cases? These cases are shown every day in news reports, so common they are. People commit more and more offences of this type simply because they are inspired by the example of celebrities who regularly appear in columns due to their new DUI charges.

Though driving under the influence of toxic means like alcohol or drugs is a serious crime, people seem to be too light-minded about such an offence. The main point of such an offence is the fact that a person who is driving in such a state of health is able to do a lot of harm to other people. That is why such offences are treated with all severity; what’s more, DUI regulations are changing practically each year in order to be more strict with offenders.

What an Extreme DUI Is

DUI is punished severely in practically all states and cities, but some places have their own regulations. For example, the state of Arizona has particular penalties for those drivers who fall into the category of extreme DUI. This category involves all people who have been caught while driving for about two hours with about 0.15 or more alcohol in blood. Such people are treated as criminals in the state of Arizona. Such a charge is not a joke and only a good lawyer (click here to lean more) can help in the toughest situations.

How Offences Are Treated

a glass with ice and car keysThere are two main penalties that are designed for extreme DUI offenders:

  • First extreme DUI offence: fines somewhere in between $1000 and $1250; suspension of one’s driving license for a year; ignition interlock that is installed in all vehicles the person has at his or her own cost;
  • Second extreme DUI offence: the same set of penalties but with bigger amounts and longer terms.

Extreme DUI is fixed by police officers in case a person violates one of the rules that do not allow people to drive. These are: BAC no less than 0.08 within two hours of driving, BAC no less than 0.04 for commercial transportation means; the slightest symptoms of intoxication with alcohol or drugs or their combinations or even metabolites of drugs in one’s blood.

All this suggests one idea: it is better not to be caught by police while driving from a pub on Friday evening. Still, if something of this kind really happens, the wisest beginning is hiring a lawyer.